Green Wiki

Appropedia is a wiki (like Green Wiki) with a focus on permaculture, appropriate technology, green buildings, renewable energy and all practices and designs or technologies for sustainability, as well as human development (international aid, development projects etc).

Appropedia's emphasis is on

  • Rigorous analysis of green issues, to separate fact from fiction and determine exactly what needs to be done to solve the crises we face
  • Sharing practical project information, to benefit from others' experiences. and so that successful actions can become the blueprint for action by others.

Appropedia is always open to collaborating with other wikis, organizations and individuals - including Green Wiki! This can take several forms:

  • Sharing content - both wikis use the same open license which gives us great freedom to share, as long as attribution is given.
  • Each wiki can link to good articles on the other wiki. You can use the interwiki link form, e.g. [[Appropedia:Pagename]]
  • If something is unsuitable for one wiki but suitable for the other, it can be moved (transwikied) and linked, rather than deleted.
  • Interwiki collaboration month, and any other way that the communities wish to communicate and share ideas and strategies.

We face huge challenges, bigger than we can face alone. Let's work together!

Key green topics on Appropedia