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The abbreviations on this page were originally defined on the United States Environmental Protection Agency website.


BAA: Board of Assistance Appeals

BAC: Bioremediation Action Committee; Biotechnology Advisory Committee

BACM: Best Available Control Measures

BACT: Best Available Control Technology

BADT: Best Available Demonstrated Technology

BAF: Bioaccumulation Factor

BaP: Benzo(a)Pyrene

BAP: Benefits Analysis Program

BART: Best Available Retrofit Technology

BASIS: Battelle's Automated Search Information System

BAT: Best Available Technology

BATEA: Best Available Treatment Economically Achievable

BCT: Best Control Technology BCPCT: Best Conventional Pollutant Control Technology

BDAT: Best Demonstrated Achievable Technology

BDCT: Best Demonstrated Control Technology

BDT: Best Demonstrated Technology

BEJ: Best Engineering Judgement. Best Expert Judgment

BF: Bonafide Notice of Intent to Manufacture or Import (IMD/OTS)

BID: Background Information Document. Buoyancy Induced Dispersion

BIOPLUME: Model to Predict the Maximum Extent of Existing Plumes

BMP: Best Management Practice(s)

BMR: Baseline Monitoring Report

BO: Budget Obligations

BOA: Basic Ordering Agreement (Contracts)

BOD: Biochemical Oxygen Demand. Biological Oxygen Demand

BOF: Basic Oxygen Furnace

BOP: Basic Oxygen Process

BOPF: Basic Oxygen Process Furnace

BOYSNC: Beginning of Year Significant Non-Compliers

BP: Boiling Point

BPJ: Best Professional Judgment

BPT: Best Practicable Technology. Pest Practicable Treatment

BPWTT: Best Practical Wastewater Treatment Technology

BRI: Building-Related Illness

BRS: Bibliographic Retrieval Service

BSI: British Standards Institute

BSO: Benzene Soluble Organics

BTZ: Below the Treatment Zone

BUN: Blood Urea Nitrogen