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There are so many types of detergents sold in the market today. There are regular detergents and there are special detergents. I recommend using special baby detergents in washing baby clothes because these products are made especially for a child’s sensitive skin. These are generally milder than your conventional detergent, which guarantees lesser problems on your baby’s delicate skin.

The most common dilemma of mothers is choosing which detergent brand suits their baby the best. Common brands are Dreft, Mountain Green, Tide, BabyGanics, Ivory Snow, Dapple, and so much more. There are so many baby detergents available it’s as if each day, a new brand is introduced to the public. All brands claim that their products are the most effective and safest detergent to use on baby clothes. Obviously, this will confuse any parent. Shopping for detergents is definitely harder than you expected.

Unfortunately, there is no specific set of guidelines in finding the right detergent for your baby. Some babies are allergic to fragrances. Some are allergic to bleaches or fabric softeners. You can never tell which product irritates your baby’s skin until you’ve tried using them.

Perhaps, you can start off by using hypoallergenic baby detergents. Dreft and Method are hypoallergenic detergents, which are mild on baby skin yet tough on stains and odor. These detergents contain less concentrated cleaning ingredients making them friendly on baby skin.

If your baby has a medical history of allergies, ask your pediatrician for his recommendation. Certain ingredients in the detergent may trigger these allergies and cause serious skin or health problems. Take note of the type of allergy and what cause them. As much as possible, you should keep your baby away from the elements that trigger them.

A good basis on your choice of baby detergent is the product ingredients. The recent debate exposing the toxic effects of conventional detergents has moved mothers to use organic and eco friendly baby detergents. According to experts, studies have unveiled the possible health risks related to exposure to chemical detergents as well as its effect in the aquatic life.

For a safer and green cleaning option, use natural or non-toxic detergents such as BabyGanics, Mountain Green and Seventh Generation. These cleaning products are made from naturally derived ingredients, which is safe on baby skin and on the environment.