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The cost of solar power is very expensive at first glance because of the per installation basis, but you can build solar panels cheap and quickly that are just as effective and energy efficient as pre-manufactured ones.

The relatively high expense of professional installation is due to the fact that solar energy utilization is an emerging technology which many people today are building and installing their own. To make the most of any system, energy efficient appliances should be used to extend its lifespan and effectiveness.

Today, electricity is both a necessity and a commodity. In our time, it has become a priority in comparison to food, water, shelter and clothing. Since its utilization began in the late 19th century, electricity has become the most widely used energy source and has led to the development of modern conveniences like light bulbs, refrigerators, stoves, irons, washing machines, computers, stereos and even some cars.

Building solar panels cheap with proper materials that are easily available can save you more than $900, which is what it costs for a single array (which equates to about $12 per Watt.) $900 for the pre-manufactured panels does not include installation. A professional installation for a small-scale home would cost around $20,000. Building your own will save you a considerable about of money.

Consider this; the installation at a medium-scale home would run about $25,000 while a large-scale house installation would be approximately $50,000 if you bought them instead of making them yourself. You can make your own for well under $300 and is very easy to do. Excluding the cost of building and maintenance, the cost of solar electricity generation is relatively zero.

Unlike fossil fuel power plants where a considerable amount of fuel must be constantly maintained in order to generate electrical energy. With solar panel technology, as long as the sun and the earth exist, one can generate electrical energy cheap when you build your solar panels cheap.

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