Sustainable living

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I am trying to add links and getting a little hung up on organization. I don't really know where to put info on mass transit/public transportation. I would expect that it would be a subcategory of living green, but then Green Living is a category along with Green Home and Green Driving.
I think the issue is that these are all categories of sustainable living, but they are attractively organized around the Living Green picture, making them seem like subcategories of Green Living.
  • What is the intended content of the Green Living Category, as distinct from Green Driving, Green Home, etc.
  • If there is an intended content, or you are just leaving it open for every thing else, or odds and ends, would it be ok to organize all those links under a page called Living Green, which would be found by an automatic redirect from both the picture and more... Cassabel 03:51, 29 September 2008 (UTC)