Green Wiki

Green Students Fundraising offers a way to lessen the impact on the environment and raise money.

Fundraisers are as much a part of the school as math is and environmental concern is now as much a part of our lives as, well, the polluted air we breathe.

This innovative green fundraiser promotes products that are environmentally friendly and functional, a step up from the traditional magazine subscriptions and chocolate bars.

Bringing these two activities together was a way to help communities become active in the pursuit of healthier, more sustainable lives and, just good business.

With the sale of single-use plastic water bottles being banned by communities like Waterloo and London, and organizations such as the United Church of Canada and with Smart Meters being introduced into the gta, Green Students fundraisers are on point.

The fundraiser features products like,

  • Klean Kanteens, stainless steel water bottles that eliminate the need for plastic water bottles entirely;
  • Nellie’s Dryer balls, which eliminate the need for dryer sheets and reduce dryer time up to 25%;
  • Laptop Lunches, litter-less lunch kits; and,
  • Botanical Paperwork's, Canadian-made greeting and holiday cards that can be planted and grow into flowers.