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On the occasion of world environment day there is an urge to understand the implications and need to encourage eco-freindly products,

Instead of depending on Petrol and other pollution emitting products, starting exploring the alternatives like biofuels which is the new development of the recent times.

start depending on the alternative conventional sources rather than the present one's

In India the situations are worst no control over the amount of pollution emitted by the companies the whole system is a joke, there are no proper rules and regulation no control at all, If there are rules and regulation then their are meant only for the documentation and record keeping purpose apart from that nothing is in place rules are resitricted only for PAPER.

ACTIONS are NIL. automobile pollution is much more higher than compared to any other. no stringent laws to monitor, no control at all on pollution. Government has setup pollution control bodies but they are not effectively working.apart from that exploitation of the natural resources no proper Oraganisation.

even though we have resources and technology to support the change but it is failing at the intial level. so, government and as well as peoples responsibility is to utilize the resources properly

from the root level change should come i.e government should take very very strict actions regardiubg pollution control and effective utlization of the resources.

Government has to take initiative to launch biofuel and encourage the use & create awarness among the public

Government has to encourage research in this area for developing biofuels as alternatives other thanthan petrol these how we can over come our financial deficits and crisis

We have lot of resources but the government is has failed all the time to utilize it in a proper way

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Make earth a safe place for living.