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There are loads of amazing green products being manufactured and marketed to consumers. Some of them are not so green (see greenwashing). This article will attend to document green products. Where possible, add a brief description of the product and a link to the manufacturer's website.

The problem of greenwashing is crucial to the term green, thus if you want to be sure to buy a green product, you should go for an eco-labelled product, certified according to an eco-label scheme following an ISO 14025, type I eco-labelling. Examples of such schemes are the European Flower and the Nordic Swan. Products labelled according to such schemes fulfil environmental criteria developed in an open process with all stakeholders around the table; they are multi-parameter and the criteria are often revised to keep on top of environmental performance. Proprietary labels, on the other hand, may not fulfil any criteria at all and therefore give no guarantee that the product is any better than others. The most comprehensive list of ISO 14025, type I eco-labelling schemes is to be found at the GEN (= Global Eco-labelling Network) at

Some websites seek to inform viewers through crowdsourcing information about the ingredients or manufacturing process of products, such as the UK-based Good List.

Electricity Recycling

Whole-home Energy Management System. Slow down your electric meter. Reduce usage and lower electric bill by an average of 8-22%. 15-yr Department of Energy approved technology also includes whole-home surge protection. 10-yr warranty and $25,000 guarantee.

Finance Services

Green affinity credit card and debit card. Earn carbon offsets and help build community based renewable energy projects with rewards instead of earning airline miles or cash back.

Office Products

ReBinder is the only office product manufacturer whose entire line is designed to be zero waste. Their 3 ring binders[1], folders, notebooks, and other office items are made from FSI and SFI certified recycled materials by a disabled workforce in the USA.

Office Clearance UK - Recycle, reuse, re-manufacture and refurbish office furniture. It operates a 0% landfill policy to dispose of IT equipment, electrical appliances, hazardous waste and confidential papers.

Brothers Office Furniture - Used office furniture supplier in UK. Provides business moves, office clearance services and storage with the aim to keep as much furniture out of landfill as possible.

Opus Digital (Toshiba e-studio Printers & Scanners) - An accredited Toshiba dealer who is committed to the environment and are able to offset the carbon footprint of Toshiba Multi Function Printer (MFP) plus the first million pages with the help of carbon offsetting expert’s co2balance.

All-in-One Clearances - A company who offer a Buy Back service for your old office furniture. Recycling your old office furniture for reuse by companies in the UK.

Kings Office Furniture - A UK-based supplier of second-hand office furniture. The company runs a on "Reuse, Recycle, Reduce" policy to keep as much existing office furniture in use as possible.

Personal Care

Recyline’s Preserve brand- recycled plastic toothbrushes, razors, disposable plates, forks, knives, spoons, cups and tongue cleaners.

Eco-Friendly soap:Mooka Bath and Body Studio: how to be green from head to toe![2]

Sustainable chewing gum:Chew on this! Glee Gum, a sustainable affair![3]

VADA certified organic personal care products for the entire family[4]

Urban Homesteaders: Bamboo cutlery, cloth muslin drawstring bags, soap nut laundry detergent, natural wooden toys, eco friendly home and craft products!

Food & Beverages

  • Reyka Vodka- distilled using sustainable and clean geothermal energy, the first vodka distilled and bottled in Iceland, and the first vodka to be made from glacial water.

Clothings & Shoes

  • Timberland Earthkeeper Boots- Earthkeepers feature organic canvas uppers and a 30 percent recycled rubber outsole, laces made from 10 percent recycled materials and a 70 percent recycled, moisture-wicking lining. The boots are leather, yes, but some of it’s recycled-

Cleaning Products

  • LaundryPure - Laundry without detergent or hot water. No sorting and clothes last much longer. Uses activated oxygen, UV light and colloidal silver. Does not pollute ground water or leave chemicals/fragrances on our skin. -- password "guest"
  • Laundry Dropps - The super-concentrated, eco-friendly liquid laundry detergent that comes in convenient dissolving "toss and go" pacs. Dropps are HE compatible, biodegradable, phosphate-free, chlorine-free, npe-free, and safe for septic tanks. Good for all washers, all colors, all temperatures, and all fabrics. Available in Fresh Scent and Scent + Dye Free. The Scent + Dye Free formula was recently approved by the EPA for the Design for the Environment program ( Check out for more information.

Laundry Dropps

Ecover Laundry Wash= phosphate-free, made from organic plants and minerals and biodegradeable—you can use it with gray water systems.

  • Clorox Green Works Natural Home Cleaning Products- Biodegradable coconut-based surfactants, citric acid, lactic acid and corn-based ethanol (alcohol), among other recognizable ingredients. With 99 percent natural, sustainable and biodegradable ingredients, Green Works has the highest percentage of natural ingredients in cleaning products currently on the market, according to their press materials, and the company is working on alternatives to the non-natural colorant, fragrance and preservatives that make up the remaining one percent.
  • Seventh Generation
  • Method Cleaning Products
  • The Laundress Dryer Sheets- They’re made from plant-derived ingredients, contain nothing toxic or carcinogenic, and are 100 percent recyclable and biodegradable.

House & Home

Haven Purely Organic Sheets- 100% organic cotton in gorgeous colors created by eco-friendly dyes. Available at Macy's

ECOtrend Collagen Natural Interior Painthas zero VOCs, it is a healthy paint, naturally mold, mildew and bacteria resistant. It is certified by Greengaurd Children and Schools. They can mix any color you want!

Urban Homesteaders: cloth muslin drawstring bags, soap nut laundry detergent, natural wooden toys and craft kits, eco friendly home and craft products, herbs, candle making supplies, milk paint, bamboo cutlery, and much more!


  • Philips Alto II Lightbulb- contains only 1.7 milligrams of Hg per bulb. They developed a coating for the inside of the glass that helps it resist the absorption of mercury, then created a heat-triggered capsule that controls the release of the mercury into the lamp. Only 100 percent recycled mercury is used.
  • Review of CFL bulbs that will not disappoint people replacing incandescent bulbs; links to manufacturer and retailer. CFL Lightbulb Review


  • Evolve Shower Heads- once it reaches 95 degrees, the water slows to a trickle, audibly alerting us that the shower is ready, and giving us time to spit. Pull the handle, and the shower starts up again—at the perfect temperature.

Waste to Energy

  • Biosphere Technology is a gasification process that harnesses the combustibility of solid wastes in a limited – oxygen environment thereby significantly limiting atmospheric emissions to create a heat source that produces an extremely hot steam that will then generate green electricity in a gas/steam turbine.

Gardening and Lawncare