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The following magazines cover eco-related topics:

  • The Ecologist
  • Air Quality, Atmosphere and Health - The first journal to focus on the relationship and effects of the atmospheric environment on human and ecological health. This magazine covers topics such as "air quality monitoring, management and measurement, atmospheric environment, climate change atmosperic protection, clean air technology etc. Main editors: Y.S. Chung; J.M. Samet
  • Plenty "The World in Green" This magazine covers general green issues and has a little bit of everything.
  • Green Guide National Geographic started this magazine Spring 2008. As most things they publish it contains good information in an attractive format.
  • Boho "A Bohemian's Guide to style" is a green fashion magazine for teens and 20's. First issue was released Fall 2008.
  • Positively Green A women's Home and Fashion magazine started August 2008 and directed at a 20+ with content for parents, best green charities, food.
  • G magazine is an Australian Green lifestyle magazine.

See also: Magazines in German, French.