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Making Your Home Sustainable (a guide to retrofitting) by Derek Wrigley published in July 2005.

Reader's review

Greenfoot It’s a really useful book for anyone wanting to retrofit their house to improve its energy and water efficiency. When architect and solar consultant Derek Wrigley moved into a townhouse in Canberra in 1991, he began retrofitting it to reduce its dependence on fossil fuels. Throughout the book, Wrigley uses the house to show how homes in Australia’s southern states can be made more sustainable. The book is ideal for home owners who can fit out and alter their house. However, there is a small and informative section that provides renters with ways to improve their home’s efficiency at minimum cost. The book covers more than just basic green living tips – it provides detailed information (but easy-to-understand) about solar energy, energy efficiency, appliances, mass and thermal comfort, insulation, ventilation, minimising water and effective landscape use. It’s a great resource for all us retrofitters out there. To buy the book, visit Scribe Publications.

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