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Regular monitoring of water quality is an essential part of a Clean Water Campaign and informed policy planning processes.

Get Involved

Volunteer monitoring [1]
EPA Adopt your Watershed [2]

Good Resources

  • USDA: Water Quality[3]
  • EPA enviro mapper [4]
  • HOW TO on developing water testing programs [5]
  • Evaluation of Hudson Bap program with applications to project design. [6]
  • List of funding sources for watersheds [7]

NY Area

  • Riverkeeper has a private monitoring program with tie-ins to schools that request (but not the water quality sampling we are proposing)
  • Soundwaters- one time monitoring program. Great example of curriculum conscious grant writing for ct.  :::
  • Clearwater in-classroom education and onboard (sloop) and resource center- water monitoring onboard,
  • Community Resource Inventory (CRI) Online- sponsored by the Connecticut NEMO program, the site provides comprehensive environmental, cultural, and economic resource data of Connecticut communities. Want to know the amount of tidal wetlands, or the water quality of streams and lakes, in your community? CRI has it.
  • NY Sea Grant (LI SOUND) is NEMO project for NY (and LI info) but no CRI. Supposedly CRI is being expanded to other states but NY is not on the schedule.
  • Cornell CCE
  • NY State Education resources - drinking water testing
  • NJ High School Educational Water Monitoring Program -this is the closest to what we are proposing- the info may be public domain
  • Hudson Basin Riverwatch - volunteer and school monitoring for entire hudson river basin, database etc.
  • MySound UConn, USEPA and NOAA
Has monitoring buoys
  • Project Watershed - volunteer water monitoring for central new york