Organic Beauty Defined

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Organic beauty is the harmonious union of our external image with our sense of self. It is the art of being—everything that is life and style, grace and charm. It is my greatest wish, through my writing and seminars, that I can heighten your awareness of the beauty you hold within, the beauty that surrounds you at all times, and the beauty you present to the world.

The concept

Beauty engages every fiber of our being. Some say beauty is so complex that it defies definition. Others claim beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and individual perceptions soundly define beauty—although these definitions may equal the number of people on Earth. Still others declare beauty as something that comes in a box, an entity defined by the cosmetics and fashion industries. Amid all this, one thing is certain: Everyone has the ability to recognize beauty, whether with their eyes, their soul, or both. If we take the time to expand our awareness, we will find ourselves surrounded by beauty at every turn. Beauty will become something that pleases or satisfies all the senses and the mind. We'll discover that form, color, texture, proportion, rhythmic motion, tone, and even behaviors or attitudes that create an emotional response are part of experiencing beauty. To appreciate beauty through this wide variety of expressions makes life diverse, joyful, and meaningful.

When we recognize beauty through all our senses—a caressing touch, a loving gaze, a fragrant aroma, an ethereal melody, a succulent taste—we relate on a higher level of consciousness. This epitomizes organic beauty. We gain an ability to see beauty in absolutely anything, thus creating harmony and balance within our mind-body physiology. And let's not forget that an integral part of that harmony and balance includes the beauty within ourselves. Recognizing and honoring your own naked beauty is a challenge that I give in all my work, and will give to you in the coming weeks, here on The Lohasain. This is a sacred process--imbued with pleasure and healing influences. I realize that as you try to raise your awareness you are simultaneously being bombarded by hundreds of outside influences. As you become more cognizant of these influences, however, you will find yourself able to work around them. Your new awareness will even void out some of these influences. Suddenly your own beauty will be free to shine.


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