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Species on the Verge

Recycouture gowns in mourning for species loss and why it matters

The most earth-friendly form of sustainable fashion uses fabric from garments that are in the post consumer chain. From wardrobe swaps, yard sales, rummage sales and thrift shops these garments and household linens are torn apart, mix and matched, then resewn into fabulous new items. Because of their unique combinations these are often one of a kind pieces that distinguish the fashion conscious individual.

 These garments and accessories appeal to those with a refined sense of personal style and an aesthetic that strives to follow heart felt ideals that are in harmony with the natural world. This is not as woo hoo as it sounds for it is based on principles of quantum physics ( patterns and energy) biology (species diversity and health), environmental science ( connectivity of ecosystems) economics (resource values and local production) and mathematics (compounding!). More!!

The refashion concept has been around for years.  From depression stylists through war shortage seamsters, using fabrics for new purposes has been part of the creative person’s repertoire. The most common form of fabric re-use was the quilt. 

Today’s talented designers are refashioning under many monikers. [ RecyCouture] is the word for garments that have hand work and time consuming details or are a  custom refashioned garment. New r words are coined almost daily as designers seek acknowledgement and market interest - upcycled, altered garments, remade, recycled style etc. Whereas sustainable style includes the new fashions that are made from fibers that are being produced with less resource abuse, energy and toxins in a socially just manner; the refashion movement is about lessening waste.

The shake out is about determining human progress. We will fare the future in the manner we deserve. Sustainable lifestyles enable the whole to fare better. They are based on the real science and information of today and are in defiance of the old standards that have proven themselves untrue.

Sustainable fashion is not a trend.  It is way of designing the styles a positive future demands.  We now know better...we must act in that knowledge if we decide to be a species worth inhabiting this gift called planet Earth.