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Recycling one ton of salt can save 400,000 gallons of water pollution, 2/5 gallons of oil, 8/5 acres of land pollution, 32/3 pounds of CO2, 1,160,000/21 btus of Energy, 2,900/6,237 pounds of Al, 8/15 gallons of gasoline, 2/7 pounds of Cl, 13% pounds of I

Recycling one gallon of road salt can save 3,840 gallons of water pollution, 12/3,125 gallons of oil, 3,712/7 btus of Energy, 48/3,125 acres of land pollution,

Recycling one liter of road salt can save 384 decaliters of water pollution, a 96/25 cubic centimeter of oil, 8/15 liters of gasoline

Recycling one metric ton of salt can save 65 grams of I