Sustainable Business Practices

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This article discusses all the things a business can do to be environmentally friendly

Around the office

  • Recycle
  • Use disposable plates and cups made out of compost
  • serve organic snacks and fruits
  • Turn off computers overnight

Energy Monitoring

- Designer Gille Belley] Energy Saving Adapter for personal office - Wattson by DIY Kyoto- Cute apple like design- put on your counter top- measures home energy use in units of currency or wattage, glows and changes color to indicate level of use

Prefab and rapid manufacturing (change at the design stage)

- Computer-aided waste reduction - Smart house tech features - reduced transportation costs - low site impact - local materials 3D printing (the trabecula Brench)- rapid layering of really fine material

Dematerialization and Service System

Co-working Space on demand -launchpad in austin -workspace in vancouver

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