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Hello to whoever reads this,

Tonight (May 26, 2015) it was revealed than more than 3.3 million gallons of water were contaminated by a 1,700 gallon fuel spill. If this happened in the ocean or on a lake... every Earth conscience group...every media outlet would be all over this story. Well this happened right here in Marlborough, Massachusetts!

Neither the State nor the City will do anything to help the people who live next to or near this gasoline station. The people involved have tried everything in their power to get this mess cleaned up. But they have been told that the petroleum companies are protected against this type of situation. The family that lives next to the station has had to remove their in-ground swimming pool because of the underground spills. Their house is worthless because the odors are terrible and they have to use an air filtration system in their basement because of the smell. This situation has been going on for over 3 years now and nothing is being done to clean it up.

I know you are not local and the families involved are in Massachusetts, but any help you could provide to bring this to the attention of anyone who could help would be incredible.

I am trying to help these people as I don't understand why nothing can be done.

If think you can help, I will provide their contact information.

I don't live in Marlborough any more although I was born and raised there.

Please HELP them as the local and state political machines are doing nothing and I'm sure are worried about not receiving their usual contributions from the oil companies!!

Thank you for anything you can do for these people.

Frank Cowdrey.