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Vrbo® Insurance Policy

While Vrbo Insurance coverage is similar to Airbnb Insurance, there are several differences to note. The $1 million dollars in insurance coverage might protect you if you are sued by a visitor for an accident or injury that happens throughout their stay. It might also cover you if the guest does unintentional harm to a third party's home such as a neighbor. It does not, however, cover deliberate damage caused by a visitor to your home.

Vrbo even has additional exclusions that are subject to evaluation, which makes getting paid for the claim far more difficult. It is primarily geared towards scenarios where a guest is injured or hurt on the property. A good example is a case when a guest falls down the stairs or slips in the bath tub and breaks an arm or leg. It may cover the visitor's health care bills and might even protect the host from liability of being sued. It additionally applies to a circumstance where a visitor leaves the water on in the kitchen sink and the flooding creates damage to a neighbors' property.

Nonetheless, since it overlooks circumstances where a guest inadvertently trips and falls into a closet door and the doors are damaged, your property is at significant risk. In this situation, you might have to hold an independent homeowner's policy to cover property damages. Yet, lots of homeowner policies do not protect your house when you rent it out for revenue. This leaves you at high risk to have to cover pricey damages on your own.

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