Guides on Atlantica Mercenary(part fifteen)

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Guides on Atlantica Mercenary(part fifteen)Hello friends, here is Thepowerlevel!Next we will provide you some Atlantica Mercenary guides and I got it from other websites, hope it could help you. If you have no time to earnAtlantica Online Gold,you can buy it from our website at the lowest price. Usefulness:PvP–8 (depends on your team really)PvE–1 Prophet (Grade C)Level(Atlantica powerleveling) Requirement: 70Upgrade: Phoenix Crystal, Phoenix Jewel Hero Stats(Atlantica Gold):Str–246Dex–288Def–660Int–363Vit–294Mdef–450 Skills:Broken SwordBroken SpearBroken AxeConcentrate Description:The Prophet has the skill to heal all melee mercenaries and boost their damage and accuracy. The only down side is that the skill consumes a large amount of MP at high levels. The broken weapon skills are very useful in PvP. At high levels, you can reduce damage by about 1000 per hit which can add up quickly. The problem is that only a few people will actually use many of the same kind of mercenary. You will rarely find a group with more than 3 of 1 type of mercenary. The damage of the Prophet is also lower than the damage of an Archer.Thanks for your reading and have fun.

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