Aion Elyos: The Quest of Sanctum Gate (Two)

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Aion Elyos: The Quest of Sanctum Gate (Two)Dear friends, nice to see you in Thepowerlevel. our aim is to make you happy with a more excited life in the Aion. By the way, we have collected the mainly information on other site.Run North into the Library of the Sages. Turn In: A Ring(aion kina) Imbued With Aether to Fuchsia(2007, 1511). (4,500 EXP). Get Quest: Krallic Language Potion. Get Quest: Seed of Evil from Xenophon(2047, 1484). Leave the Library and run to the Tempest Shipyard.Update Quest: Language Potion at Kunberunerk(1968, 1768). If he is not at this location right now, do this quest later, there is no follow-up outside the shipyard. Pay(Aion gold) 10,000 for the Potion. Turn In: Krallic Language Potion at Marmeia(1975, 1757). (19,800 EXP). Get Quest: Ulaguru Speaks. Update Quest: Ulaguru Speaks at Ulaguru(1981, 1757). Turn In: Ulaguru Speaks at Marmeia. Tell her that Ulaguru is hungry. (950 EXP). Get Quest: Marmeia's Krall Research. Here We would provide you cheap aion kina with the fastest delivery.Return to Polyidus at Exalted Path. Turn In: Delivery for the Outer Port. (100 EXP). left; >Update Quest: A Song Of Praise. Update Quest: Dispatch to Verteron. Here is the best online website for players to buy aion money service.We recommend you to buy aion kinah and Aion powerleveling service from our site, you can buy them at low price as you need. Contact with our customer service right now !

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