Alchemy Guide for Level 65-99 in Aion

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Alchemy Guide for Level 65-99 in AionHello again readers! There are so many Aion questions asked over and over again. Here Thepowerlevel has collected the correlative information about it. Hope it can drive your attention.           We have probably consumed over 3000 in our lifetime and we're only a month in. Get in on the market or be self sufficient, it's your call here. If you don't have powder or the market does not allow it as a decent option? You can either make scrolls(aion kinah) or do work orders past this tier. The scrolls are absolutely worthless though unfortunately.Level(Aion money): 65-99: This is where the party really ends on Alchemy. The middle tier weapons are pretty worthless. The scrolls at this level might as well not exist, they offer next to no benefits and you don't even have the real scrolls you'd want to make yet. The real highlights come at 90 when you can use the plethora of worthless manastones you've saved up and try to make some money on the high quality versions since the lesser catalysts used at this tier are quite cheap(cheap aion gold). How will you get to 90 though? Work orders. We really don't have a good answer for this, and we hope they address it, but alchemy 70-90 is just some suffering of work orders. It'll help you fill out your recipe book though, so only buy what is necessary for this tier to make yourself, and hope the work orders give you something you can use rather than some garbage 28 aion gold work order materials(aion kina).Here we have a huge stock Aion gold with low price and fast delivery. We also provide professional Aion powerleveling service to players who want to level faster. Welcome to contact with our customer service and place an order. By the way, this guide was taken from other site, and we can't found the author, thanks her or him very much!

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