Part One: Aion Guide to the Botanica

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Part One: Aion Guide to the BotanicaHere Thepowerlevel would like to brings you some tips for Aion players. If you are interested in this guide, just keep paying attention to our website. Wish you have a good day in the wonder game.         In this guide we head to one of the instances in Tempest(aion kinah) Keep in Netherstorm, The Botanica. The Botanica is the second wing of the Tempest Keep and it's located north of the main palace in the blue crystal building. In it High Botanist Freywinn awaits, with one of the more unique boss fights in the game! And should you make it all the way to the end, Warp Splinter is waiting for you. Trash MOBs: There is only one real quest in The Botanica and it is to find a way into Arcatraz. The quest takes place in the first two instances of Tempest Keep Botanica and require that you kill the final boss in each to gain access to the third instance in the Tempest(aion money) Keep. There are five boss you need to break.Commander Sarannis is a first boss and you will find him at the first bridge that you reach in the instance. Buying cheap aion gold The first part of the fight is to ensure you clear the MOBs near the commander before engaging her. The second boss is High Botanist Freywinn who is a caster based boss. He appears dressed like a druid and has several druid based abilities, such as tranquility and more. The third boss is a satyr that can be skipped but is worth fighting for his loot. He has several nasty abilities though so some groups just ignore him. Here We would provide you the cheapest aion kina with the fastest delivery.Of course buying Aion gold and Aion powerleveling service from our site will make the game more interesting, just contact with our customer service and place an order at any time !

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