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Guild Wars 2 Addons - Which Ones Should You Get?

Guild Wars 2 Addons – Which Ones to Use?

Addons are an important part of many MMORPGs. Depending on the game, they can either make a nice quality of life improvement or be an internal element that's almost necessary to succeed. Addons can work in variosu ways and offer a lot of different things – from free interface enhancements, through overlays, useful notifications to DPS trackers, and map improvements. Whenever a popular MMORPG needs extra functionality, there's probably an addon that helps with that.

Guild Wars 2 is much less reliant on addons than games like World of Warcraft. However, there still are multiple worthwhile options to choose from. In this guide, we're going to talk about a list of the best top Guild Wars 2 Addons for every occasion! You will surely find something to try out!

TacO – Tactical Overlay

TacO is the most popular addon in Guild Wars 2. It might be especially valuable for new players that can use the extra guidance at the beginning of their Guild Wars 2 adventure. It's a multi-purpose tool, helping with various parts of the PvE gameplay. It can make the game manageable, even if you know nothing about it!

Some of the TacO's functionalities include: showing locations of certain important points on the map, helping with navigation through jumping puzzles and difficult parts of the map. It's providing additional information when you hover your cursor over something, advice regarding the zone/instance that you're in, assistance with completing achievements, and even warnings before the regular timed attacks of bosses in dungeons and raids. As we established, it's a nice assistance for players who taek their first steps in GW2.

If you're a player that likes getting extra information in-game (and you probably are, since you're reading an article about addons) – TacO is an excellent option for you. It works like a combination of multiple minor addons, and it's based on the official ArenaNet API – so this stuff is fully supported by the GW2 developers. The add-on will definitely help you make progress in the game much faster, but it's still a long process. So if you want to make the game easier, you can buy guild wars 2 gold . A little gold will definitely help in the beginning.

PAO – Personal Assistance Overlap

PAO is a smaller addon that's designed mostly for finding your way around different maps. It provides a lot of information about the events (active and upcoming) through timers and notifications. It can be used for farming events and chests in all the GW2 hunting zones. It also assists with map completion, giving you directions to the important locations.

Besides, it allows you to track prices on the Trading Post and make quick calculations regarding the potential profits you could make. It can also track your progress in terms of completing dungeons and measure the time that you spend in each of these instances. It has some WvW-related functionalities too. You can keep track of the objectives and get notifications about ongoing sieges. It's generally a useful tool to play with. Of course, you can also place your own markers on the map. 

In general, Personal Assistance Overlap is less overwhelming in terms of the information it provides. It's a better option for people who already have some idea about the game. It's a handy tool that doesn't impact the gaming experience that much, but it provides the most important pieces of information. PAO is also based on the official API, so it's entirely safe to use.

Augmented Tyria

Augmented Tyria is another addon that helps with map completion. Its main functionality is detecting the important locations that you have got to visit and creating the optimal routes to them. The user merely has to follow these routes and complete point after point. Augmented Tyria is based on the official GW2 API. It's a helpful one-purpose tool that can be useful if you want to complete maps as quickly as possible. Take it if you're struggling to find all the important locations.

GW2 Radial (Mount Swap)

Most players agree that the introduction of mounts in the Path of Fire expansion has been a great addition to the game, but the way that ArenaNet implemented it leaves a bit to be desired. Reaching the most remote locations can require multiple mounts sometimes. However, players didn't receive a built-in ability to swap mounts quickly.

GW2 Radial is a simple quality of life upgrade that makes it easier to access different mounts. You can also use it with certain novelty items. It's a straightforward tool that doesn't provide any unfair advantages. The creators are staying in touch with ArenaNet to make sure that their addon is perfectly safe to use and doesn't break the TOS. We recommend it to every player that has access to the Path of Fire. It fixes a small and annoying problem, but it's almost a must have! GW2 Raidal is continuously updated. 


DPS meters are a considerable part of every MMORPG that features a competitive raiding scene. They also have been a somewhat controversial topic in the Guild Wars 2 community. While ArenaNet isn't strictly against using a DPS tracking tool, they haven't provided an official API for that purpose. It means that every game update may cause some bugs in ArcDPS and other tools of this type. Besides, while you're not going to get banned for using software that measures your DPS, ArenaNet won't help you if it causes any problems with your account.

Moreover, there are some strict rules about what the DPS trackers can and cannot do. Their functionality has to be entirely limited to measuring and displaying combat data. That's why ArcDPS tracks your outgoing damage as well as healing and boon uptime. It also saves the combat logs so you can review and share them later. Since ArenaNet doesn't provide the official API, the gathered data might not be completely accurate, but it's still quite reliable (good enough for most of the players). If you want a DPS meters for Guild Wars 2 that will show you the logs look back at, ArcDPS is the name to check out. Its creators continuously communicate with ArenaNet to make sure that the tool doesn't have any forbidden features.

GW2 Hook, ReShade and GemFX

Guild Wars 2 has stunning graphic design and visuals, but there are ways to make it even better. GW2 Hook, ReShade, and GemFX are the most popular graphic enhancing GW2 Addons. They provide the players with a lot of possibilities to customize visuals of their game. You can use them to remove the fog, improve clarity, make the colors on your screen more vibrant, and more! There are tons of options and configurations. 

These addons don't provide any advantages, so you won't be banned for using them (once again, ArenaNet adopted the "use at your own risk" policy). They don't use the API, because the visual enhancers have no reason to do so. Originally, the visual addons were supposed to just help with the fog and make the players see more clearly, but they quickly became much more advanced. Most of these tools are rather easy on the GPU. However, you probably shouldn't be using them if your computer can barely run the game. They might have a bigger impact on the performance if you start using a ton of blurs and custom shades.   

Immersive Combat Mode

It is a really interesting add-on that gives GW2 more of an action RPG feel. Instead of providing additional information, it cleans up the game's interface, making it smoother and more comprehensible. It also allows the player to toggle the Right Mouse Button instead of holding it. Immersive Combat Mode is one of the oldest, still running addons to GW2. You can still use it if you feel like the interface is too chaotic. It can make the game more enjoyable as you join the fray. 

Discontinued Addons

There have been a few popular Guild Wars 2 mods, third party tools and addons discontinued some time ago for various reasons. Another DPS meter called BGDM (preferred by a lot of the players) has been retired, because of the additional features that went beyond measuring combat data. ArenaNet has permanently banned the author, and the BGDM project has shut down.

The developers of ArcDPS had a tool that allowed the players to save and load Build Templates. This function has been discontinued after the game developers added it to Guild Wars 2 (at last).

Guild Wars 2 Addons

Even though Guild Wars 2 is not exactly an addon-heavy MMORPG, there are quite a few ones that you can consider using. The ability to swap mounts is a great functionality that probably should be a part of the main game. Using the right GW2 overlays or add-ons can also apply some changes to the UI and make the map completion much faster and less frustrating. Moreover, extra visual options can make your time playing through Guild Wars 2 content even more enjoyable! If you are looking for similar information about the games, please visit our website: . There are many great guides for many games. We are constantly adding new entries, so you won't miss any news.

==FAQ  ==

Does GW2 have addons?

Yes, while the GW2 addons aren't as crucial as in MMOs like World of Warcraft (WoW) or Elder Scrolls Online (ESO), there are multiple useful tools made by the players that can make the game more convenient and enjoyable. Look at the list above, see which ones you think are the most interesting and download them. You won't know how useful they are, until you try them. You can also search for other addons online.

Will I get banned for using GW2 add-ons?

Using this type of tools is not prohibited, you can only get banned if your software performs forbidden actions. Overlays and other addons that provide additional information are usually safe to use, but bots and scripts grant their users unfair advantages and break Terms of Service - using them can result in a ban, but it happens extremely rarely to players who are not deliberately cheating. 

Can I use a DPS meter in GW2?

DPS meters in Guild Wars 2 are not forbidden as long as they're limited to collecting and displaying combat data. The thing is, ArenaNet doesn't support an official API for measuring DPS, so these tools are not 100% accurate. If you need one, the best DPS tracker available to be found is called ArcDPS.

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