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Yambub Yambub 25 February 2015

Red Link Bot

This is just for reference while I figure out how to use the red link bot. Thanks to DEmersonJMFM for the help.

After adding the code to a personal js (I wouldn't bet it can be placed in a wiki's js), simply go to a page and under "My Tools" on the bottom bar, click "Fix Redlinks." In some cases (that I can't remember) the text doesn't fix 100% correct, but there's no problem generally (it doesn't work for templates or files). It's still page by page so it's your choice. If you use it, don't forget proper attribution of authors.

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Yambub Yambub 26 January 2015

Page Deletions

27. Jan 2014

In case anyone is thinking "he dleted the Acid Rain page! What a fascist":  as an example of how thoroughly screwed up this wiki was when I started, here's a summary of the "Acid Rain Conservation" Category page:

  • It has 99 sub-categories, including Plastics, Indium gallium aluminium nitride conservation‎, Transportation Recycling and Racing cars!
  • 1,897 pages are in the category, including Dam failiure, De Rigeur Reusable Water Bottles, BMW and Beer
  • There are 206 files in the category, including photos of various fashions, a hemp shirt, recycling logos and a NASA satellite.

Even a category as obscure as "1,1,1-Trichloroethane conservation" has 58 subcategories, 1,669 pages and 215 images (including a picture of a Boeing B-17G Flying …

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Yambub Yambub 12 January 2015


This is just a notepad for ideas about how categories should be used in this wikia. It could make up some advice page or section about using categories, or a section in a talk page.

Categories are not keywords.

The fewer categories you have, the more likely those categories will be effective. Looking at some of the pages here (most,actually), clicking on one will bring up hundreds of pages. This is not useful. 

It may be useful to have some fixed categories and have authors check on a special page before adding new ones, since use of categories affects all authors. I'm not sure this is possible or even desirable yet, it's just an idea. Whatever, the current categories are not much use and need to be fixed. Limiting the number of categories a …

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