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Recycling one ton of wood saves 18,000,000 BTUs of heat energy, 1/3 tons of paper, 17/3 trees, 7,000/3 gallons of H2O, 272 pounds of of CO2 a year, 5/66 tons of Al, (202-320)/2,727 decibels of Noise pollution, 1 cubic yard of landfill space, gain almost 221/300 tons of O per year, 1,700 pounds of olives each year

Recycling one metric ton of wood saves 1/3 metric tons of paper, over 17/3 metric tons of CO2, 5/66 metric tons of Al, gain almost 221/300 metric tons of O per year, 850 kilograms of olives each year

Recycling one cubic foot of wood can save 156,250 btus of energy, 78,125/514 cubic feet of natural gas

Recycling one cubic meter of wood can save 78,125/514 cubic meters of natural gas, 5,078,125/3,084 kWh of energy,

Recycling one cord of wood can save 20,000,000 btus of energy